Christian Jones


Christian Jones is getting ready for his album release in the USA and the world with Brad LeBeau’s

NY & LA Strong mixed by Eric Kupper for USA 

“Be a prt of a musical adventure and grow with my style..”

Once signed with Sony, Christian Jones has been in the limelight with many celebrity friends and family, including his sister, Grace Jones.  He is now signed with TRAX Records & Sony Orchard Distribution with which he released his latest album "Strong 2”.


Jamaican born, Chris has had an interesting life from modelling in the fashion industry to concert performances and DJing in famous club venues, travelling the world in style.

“With new material constantly developing, you the listener can be part of my evolving styles. My music takes a personal inspiration of hope and strength, conveying many messages. Music to me is an emotional experience of everyday life and the things we have to endure.”

ChrisTIAN Jones


Born in Spanish Town, Jamaica.. 

And raised in a strict religious Christian family, life for me as a boy was quite demanding and tough.  I found my escape and relaxation listening to classical music and also by playing with my 3 brothers and 3 sisters.

Later I moved to New York..

At the young age of 13, discovering a modern, yet scary experience. Graduating from high school at 16, my path took me to business school, followed by a journey in the arts 2 years later. Then was the moment that I decided to work in front of the camera, so I became a fashion model with Wilhelmina Models.

I worked in New York for 2 years before being signed by Elite Models for 6 years in Paris.

My first single was recorded in Israel, then in London I got signed to Sony Records. I had a New York promotion with club performances and concerts, TV, radio and media coverage. In 1997 I realised my singles, “The Sharks” and “Adult Education”. In 2003 I released my single “Stand Tall Superstar”.

A few years later I went to work on my debut album “Strong” and here we are..



Promoting my debut album.


The story behind my album.


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